De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery Cheese

At De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery, we take immense pride in our extensive selection of meticulously crafted Gouda cheeses, each distinct in flavor and boasting a complexity that deepens beautifully with age. Starting from our “Young” varieties like the De Vor® Gouda Applewood Smoked Young (2-4 months) with its smoky undertones, to the fragrant De Vor® Gouda Cumin Young (2-4 months), and the pure and simple De Vor® Gouda Plain Young (2-4 months), each cheese offers a unique gastronomic experience. As time advances, so does the sophistication of our cheeses. Moving on to the De Vor® Gouda Plain Belegen (4-6 months), we witness a deeper flavor profile with subtle nuttiness. Our “Mature” and “Aged” versions—De Vor® Gouda Plain Mature (6-9 months) and De Vor® Gouda Plain Aged (9-12 months)—are more robust and tangy, ideal for pairing with fine wines. For those seeking a truly exceptional culinary adventure, our De Vor® Gouda Plain Premium (12-18 months), Super (18-24 months), Overjarige (24+ months), and the extraordinary De Vor® Gouda Plain Reserve (1000+ Days) offer unparalleled complexity, with flavors ranging from caramel-like sweetness to intense, crystalline nuttiness. Each age bracket is a journey in itself, with the cheese developing, maturing, and becoming even more delicious over time.