Our Passion

Nestled in the scenic heartland of Kalkaska, Michigan, the De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery offers a wholesome slice of the pastoral life. Owned by the warm and ever-welcoming couple, Jackie and Henk, the farm stands as a testament to their devotion and passion. For years, they have been carefully tending to their herd of Jersey cows, raising them with love and care. As their cowbells echo through the fields, they are more than just livestock; they are part of the De Vor family.

Every morning, the couple is up at the break of dawn, ready to start the milking process. Jackie and Henk treat it with reverence, each squeeze of the udder a dance perfected with time and practice. The fresh, creamy milk thus obtained is then transformed, following time-honored traditions, into delectable Gouda cheese and rich, indulgent ice cream. The process is labor-intensive, requiring a careful watch and meticulous precision. Yet, the satisfaction they derive from creating these artisanal dairy delights makes all their efforts worthwhile.

But the De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery is not just a place of work, it is an experience. In an initiative close to their hearts, Jackie and Henk open up their farm to the public. They offer appointments to anyone yearning for a taste of the country life. Visitors are given the opportunity to interact closely with the Jersey cows – feeding them, walking with them out to the luscious green pastures, and even cuddling them as they lazily lay in the grass. The connection between humans and animals is magical, often leaving guests with a newfound appreciation for nature and the simpler pleasures of life. The De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery, in essence, is a beautiful blend of sustainable farming practices and heartfelt hospitality, making it a unique gem in Kalkaska, Michigan.