Our Gouda

We handcraft our true farmstead cheese using an Old World Technique

In the picturesque landscape that cradles De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all connoisseurs of fine food to embark upon an enriching and sensory odyssey—a journey that charts the fascinating history of one of the world’s most cherished cheeses, Gouda, and the story of its grand migration to the fertile soils of America. We are not just purveyors of this revered dairy delight; we are custodians of its rich and intricate heritage, a lineage lovingly sculpted over centuries through skilled craftsmanship, an intimate knowledge of the land and cattle, and an indelible connection to an Old World Technique handed down like a prized heirloom from generation to generation in the cheese-making mecca that is the Netherlands.

As we honor this legacy with a genuine passion for the art of cheese-making, it’s crucial to delve into the methodology that makes Gouda not just cheese but a sublime manifestation of history, culture, and skill. The craft starts at the most foundational level: the quality of the milk. At De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery, we believe in a harmonious relationship with the land and our cattle. This balance translates into milk of unparalleled quality—smooth, rich, and teeming with the subtle nuances that can only be found in carefully nurtured livestock.

Once this liquid treasure is collected, the time-honored process ensues. Our methods are steeped in traditional techniques that have stood the test of time. Unlike commercial brands that rely heavily on mechanization and artificial additives, our cheese is a homage to authenticity. The milk is first pasteurized to ensure safety and consistency, after which beneficial bacterial cultures are added. These cultures are responsible for fermenting the milk, setting off a magical transformation that alters its acidity and texture.

The next stage in this craft involves the addition of rennet, a complex of enzymes that further coagulates the milk, separating the solid curds from the liquid whey. The curds are then carefully cut, cooked, and stirred—a meticulous process requiring a keen eye and a skilled hand, virtues developed over years of devoted practice. As the curds achieve the ideal consistency, they are transferred into circular molds that give Gouda its characteristic shape. It’s here that the cheese begins its journey to maturation, a step as crucial as any in its creation.

Ah, but let’s not overlook one distinct feature that sets De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery apart from others—the wooden boards we use for aging our Gouda. We have gone to great lengths to import these wooden boards from Europe, capturing the authentic essence that metal or plastic simply cannot replicate. These boards are more than mere slabs of wood; they are carriers of tradition, flown in directly from the European heartland where Gouda has been crafted for centuries. Wood is a natural insulator and absorbs the moisture from the cheese as it ages, creating a unique environment that facilitates the maturation process and imparts subtle flavors that are a sensorial symphony of earthy notes and aromatic undertones.

The time for aging can vary, leading to different types of Gouda that offer a palette of flavors and textures. Young Gouda is soft and mild, perfect for melting over a hearty dish or enjoying in a summer salad. As it ages, the cheese takes on a harder texture and develops a rich, caramel-like flavor, a robust and tangy masterpiece that pairs exquisitely with fine wines and robust ales.

De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery’s commitment to authenticity extends beyond the techniques and materials. It’s about an ethos, a philosophy that takes tradition not just as inspiration but as a moral imperative. When you indulge in our Gouda, you aren’t merely savoring cheese; you are partaking in a rich tapestry of history that stretches across oceans, transcends cultural boundaries, and defies the passage of time.

Indeed, what we offer is more than a gastronomic delight; it’s an educational voyage that bridges the Old World with the New. As you walk through our farm, observe the cattle grazing in the pastures, watch the cheese artisans at work, and finally, when you hold that piece of Gouda in your hand, you are enveloped in the living legacy of countless generations. You become a part of a narrative that is as rich and complex as the cheese itself.

So, we invite you to experience the magic, the history, and the craftsmanship that is Gouda cheese. As stewards of this noble tradition, we at De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery are deeply committed to offering you an unparalleled culinary adventure, right here on American soil. The scenery is breathtaking, the process is mesmerizing, and the end result is nothing short of ethereal. Your palate is not just satiated; it is elevated, educated, and ever so graciously, awaits the incredible taste of true craftsmanship. Come, indulge in the legacy of Gouda. Your culinary journey awaits.