Meet Our Gentle Giants: The Jersey Cows of De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery

At De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery, our Jersey cows are the heart of our operation, gracing the pastures with their gentle presence and unique personalities. These cows are more than just a part of our farm; they’re integral to the spirit and quality that define us. As you explore our gallery, you’ll see the serene beauty and playful nature of our Jerseys, each photo telling a story of life on the farm.

For those intrigued by the peaceful and engaging demeanor of our Jerseys, we invite you to partake in our Cow Cuddling experience or meet our future stars on the Meet the Calves tour. These tours offer an up-close encounter with our beloved cows, providing a memorable experience that connects you directly to the heart of De Vor Dairy Farm & Creamery.